Terberg YT Series

YT Series

  • In 2020 a complete redesign of chassis, cabin, controls, display and electronics
  • Available with a Cummins Stage V certified diesel engines
  • Robust and durable, fully tested chassis, cabin and vehicle
  • The highest level of comfort and ergonomics
  • Cost-effective to service due to quick access to components and easy replacement of parts
  • Terberg Connect tractor telematics can be fitted as an option
Fully Electric
  • Electric motor with a performance similar to a tractor with a diesel engine
  • Various battery capacity combinations available; up to 222 kWh
  • Battery system with temperature regulation for use in cold and warm climates (-30°C up to +50°C)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Supports regenerative braking; reducing energy consumption
  • Terberg Connect tractor telematics
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