Liftmaster LM90

Liftmaster LM90, Ireland

The SEACOM Liftmaser LM90


More and more ports are using systems of cassettes and lifting-roll trailers to handle and stow cargo. This enables a fast and space-saving turnaround of all the different cargo operations.

The SEACOM Liftmaster LM 90 is well-positioned in the SEACOM product range.

There are multiple and various advantages:

  • Increased safety: Robust and stable design, PLC controlled systems for steering and lifting, disc brakes, LED lighting, overload and backup alarm
  • Increased efficiency: The ability for block-stowing of the cassettes increases the loading capacity. Little or no lashing saves time and labour costs.
  • Reduced turnaround time: The pre-loaded cassettes can be ready to be loaded onto the ship
  • High return on investment: Cassettes are inexpensive, very durable and long-lasting and require little or no maintenance, which compensates for the cost of the Liftmaster. Over time, the savings in time, labour and operational costs are substantial.
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