Terminal Chassis Trailers

Terminal Chassis Trailers, Ireland

The SEACOM Terminal Chassis

The use of terminal chassis is essential for the effective handling of containers. At terminals around the world, the robust and reliable SEACOM terminal chassis are in use 24/7. The design of the chassis is based on the local operating conditions and the application demands.

The most commonly used ‘cornerless’ design, leaves the container corners accessible with the container loaded on the chassis. SEACOM also offers chassis with loading platforms or skeletal design with twist-locks and container loading guides.

The wheels and axles can be configured according to customer need and if needed, the chassis can be equipped with a brake and lighting system.

The most common chassis sizes are 40′ and 45′ and they are available with a payload of up to 80 tons. 20′, 30′ or other special sizes are available upon request.

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