RT Series - RoRo Tractors

Terberg RoRo Terminal Tractors, Ireland

  • 4 x 4
  • GCW: 150 t (RT223) 165 t (RT283/323) depending on operating conditions
  • Engine RT223: Volvo TAD880VE-160 kW Stage V
  • Engine RT283: Volvo TAD882VE 210 kW Stage V
  • Engine RT323: Volvo TAD883VE-235 kW Stage V
  • Transmission: ZF 6WG211 (6F-3R)
  • Front axle capacity: 16 t @20 km/h
  • Rear axle capacity: 38 t @20 km/h
  • 5th wheel: Terberg cast steel plate 2″
  • 5th wheel capacity: 36 t
  • 5th wheel lifting capacity: up to 35 t
  • Lowest 5th wheel height: 962 mm
  • Ergoturn® 180° swivelling seat
  • Left and right-hand drive available

Terberg RT - RoRo Tractors

RT Series

The 4×4 drive Terberg RT223/283/323 RoRo tractors with Ergoturn® 180° swivelling seat are designed for operating in RoRo vessels with steep ramps and in industrial yards because of their robust design and powerful driveline.

A 4×2 drive model (TT223) is available for applications that do not require 4×4 drive and do require a 180° swivelling seat.

RT403 Heavy Duty Tractor

The Terberg RT403 is designed for extremely demanding applications in steelworks and other industrial plants. Its fifth wheel lifting capacity of 45 tonnes and heavy-duty chassis and power train design make the RT403 the perfect choice for the steel industry, extremely heavy RoRo operations and handling MTS trains.

Depending on the application and operating environment, the GCW can reach up to 375 tonnes.

Terberg RT

Terberg RT RoRo tractors (4×4 drive) are widely used by major port operators worldwide. Their key reasons for choosing Terberg tractors are always the reliability and the low cost of ownership resulting from the high fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Port operators with heavy RoRo cargo also appreciate the SafeNeck, which considerably increases safety when hauling heavy loads on steep ship’s ramps.

RoRo operations are widely used in European and African ports. We have solutions for every load, ramp and tractor connection, ensuring safe and efficient cargo handling.

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