The Next Generation Electrified – Terberg YT203 EV

Terberg introduces a new generation of electric vehicles with new EV technology, including the YT203-EV terminal tractor and the BC202-EV body carrier. The performance of the new electric drive system is comparable with that of diesel engines and the large battery option offers a significantly greater operating range. Additionally, the new battery technology has an extended temperature range and can be used worldwide in both cold and warm climates.

With the new technology, Terberg delivers significant improvements. Customers now have a choice of several battery capacity combinations so they can select the option best suited to their operations. Applications with high vehicle usage will benefit from the battery with the increased capacity, resulting in a longer range. Customers with operations involving lower vehicle usage and with more opportunities to charge the vehicle during the day can opt for a smaller battery pack, at a lower price.

The performance of the new electric motor is similar to that of a diesel engine, and it does not lead to CO2 and NOx emissions at the point of use. The new electric drive system has fewer moving parts than a diesel engine and the previous EV generation, resulting in lower maintenance costs. The new EV drive supports regenerative braking, reducing energy consumption. Finally, the vehicles can operate indoors, with zero emissions and a lower noise level, which is particularly relevant for terminal tractors.

Worldwide charger compatibility
The vehicles use DC chargers and can therefore be charged at standard charging stations. The new batteries comply with the ECE-R100 rev. 2 regulation and withstand both very high and very low temperatures. This means the new Terberg YT203-EV can be deployed anywhere in the world.* Additionally, the new charger connector complies with the CCS2.0 automotive standard. This means the vehicles can be charged using any charger with a CCS2.0 connection and the appropriate specifications. This charger technology is also available in the United States.

Monitoring the charge cycle
The Terberg Connect telematics system provides remote monitoring of the status and performance of each vehicle, including the charge cycle and remaining battery capacity. This enables operators to charge their vehicles at just the right time and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Terberg developed the new generation electric drive as a multifunctional, modular concept. This makes it easier to adapt the EV technology to a range of vehicles, such as the new YT203-EV terminal tractor. This design also allows for the use of hydrogen fuel cells in future.

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