Fire Hose Nozzle SG 540 vft

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Fire Hose Nozzle SG 540 vft

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Product Description

Flow regulating Fire Hose Nozzle SG 540 vft for Wildland fires. It converts high-pressure water into a fast powerful water jet.

Rapid Pattern Selection
  • Focused Long Range Jet: Enhanced Attack capability. Difficulty in handling, high water consumption levels (with high flow rates). The small contact surface with fire.
  • Attack cone: Opening range between 30º and 45º: shorter reach, easy handling.
  • Dense Fog Pattern: Maximum opening range: Little reach. Mainly used to protect the firefighters, facilities and control the smoke and gases movement. Greater contact surface, therefore, greater heat absorption.
Multiple Flow Range

The Aluminum Rapid Flow Selection ring, allows the selection between 4 flows, without varying the attack pattern. The second inner cylinder is responsible for adjusting the flow rate by changing the pitch diameter.

Spinning Teeth

Swappable Spinning Teeth. Generation of high-quality water drop through the rotating teeth.

Great quality of jet and fog, even at small flow rates (19lts / min).

Low Maintenance

Manufactured with high durability and high temperatures resistant materials. Hard anodised Aluminium body. Equipped with Barcelona 25 mm racord

Product Specification


1.58 kg.


23 cm.

Selectable flow rates


Deflator type

Rotating teeth.

Work pressure

7 Bar at 100 Psi l 16 Bar at 228 Psi.


Anodized aluminium.

Rotary inlet

11/2 ”(25mm.) NH l NPSH l BSP l Barcelona


Jet, 30º fog and total fog.