Current Detector

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Current Detector

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Product Description

Leader VOLT is an electric current detector for locating the presence of alternating current (AC) by directing the device towards electrical installations that are faulty or not. It helps to eliminate the electrical risk on a USAR or firefighter intervention area.

AC sensitivity of the unit can be adjusted to more precisely locate the power source even without having contact with it.

Thanks to its compactness and autonomy, Leader VOLT voltage detector is the ideal tool for detecting AC during all kinds of operations: Natural disasters, fire operations, search and rescue, etc.

With a weight of less than 1 kg (570 g), Leader VOLT current detector provides one year of service with a set of alkaline batteries.

Product Specification

Signal Indication: Audible (beep) and visual (LED). Beep rate will increase (or decrease) with proximity to conductor.

Frequency Detection Range: AC voltages 20 Hz to 100 Hz.

Self-Test: Built-in, 3-second self-test after turn-on.

Insulation: PVC plastic housing.

Batteries: 4x AA alkaline cell batteries (1 set supplied)

Battery Life: continuous use 300 hours

Water Resistance: Splash waterproof

Operating temperature: −30 to 50 °C

Storage temperature: −40 to 70 °C

Dimensions: Ø45 mm / length 521 mm

Weight: 570 gr (including batteries)

Warranty: 12 months